Our Story

Well...like most people, I had to buy furniture. The thing that was different about this particular time, was the reason I was buying furniture. I was buying furniture not because it was wanted, but because it was needed.

Our bed and our sofa had run their course and our bodies were taking toll because of it.The mattress we slept on kept giving us back trouble no matter how many times we rotated or flipped it over. Not to mention, it was always sagging in the middle and it was same bed I used when I was single.

Our couch practically swallowed us whole whenever we sat on it. Often times, I had to get additional pillows to prevent my back from sagging awkwardly into an uncomfortable position. Plus, it was given to us by a friend that had already used it and no longer had need of it.

Yep! We bought new furniture, because had too. As we began looking at new beds and couches I couldn't help but notice the additional literature that came with certain brands and types. Literature that informed consumers about the effects furniture had on their bodies and the science behind their product. We ended up having to purchase our bed and couch from different locations. As time passed on, I began to take notice of how often we as people invest so much time and money in seeking comfort outside of homes instead of inside. I thought, " What an inconvenience it must be to come home to a place that doesn't provide a level of comfort that matches your needs and wants." "Why should I have to go on vacation in another state or country to enjoy luxury comfort, when I can get it here at HOME?!!  

That's where we come in...

Instead of going from one place, to another place, to another, etc., etc. to get your needs met, House Perks provides an extensive collection of Quality Comfort Furnishings conveniently available from industry-leading manufacturers and brands with numerous styles and types for all tastes and preferences. These furnishings come directly from the manufacturer. No need in having to deal with warehouses, sales associates, or  traveling between store locations. everything you need to suite your home comfort needs are right here at your convenience.