About us



As our bodies continue to age and mature, comfort develops from a priviledge to a demand. For instance, a bad pair of shoes can leave you with back pain. A bad mattress can lead to exhaustion, due to a lack of sleep. A house or home with no place to relax causes stress which can lead to more problems in other areas in life.


  The two most important perks of a home are,   "Comfort and Convenience". At House Perks we aim to make your humble abode more comfortable with our inventory of quality home furnishings designed for your comfort. Our brands are the industries top-rated in home furnishings and quality comfort. An added benefit of possessing these items in your home is the convenience. Often times we seek comfort outside our homes, like a vacation get-away or a day at the spa. When in fact, the most important place for comfort and relaxation should be conveniently in your own home.

    Rather than pursuing or seeking out comfort elsewhere, having all of your comfort needs provided for you under your own roof makes all the difference. Whether for luxury or health our inventory provides vast varieties of saunas and spas providing not just comfort, but styles to suit all trends and tastes.


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